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Howards End is a novel by E.

Howards End Study Guide

Published in , Howards End was E. Forster 's fourth novel, and served to strengthen his reputation as an esteemed author. The novel addresses some of life's most serious questions, including how people relate to each other and what kinds of values one ought to live by. Lionel Trilling, author of a well-known book about Forster and his life, suggests that Howards End is really a novel about who will inherit England, with the title home acting as a microcosm for the great country of Britain. The protagonists are the Schlegel sisters, young women of English and German descent who cherish literature, art, and personal relationships, and closely mirrored individuals of the Bloomsbury Group, of which Forster was a part.

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Introduction & Overview of Howard's End

It is one of the curses of London. I quite expect to end my life caring most for a place. Forster loved so deeply that he made it the centerpiece of one of his best-loved novels was a country house just north of London called Rooksnest. In Tonbridge Wells, Forster met families who, like the Wilcoxes of Howards End , were energetic capitalists focused on motorcars and moneymaking. And if Tonbridge Wells gave rise to the Wilcoxes, Cambridge was the likely birthplace of the other central family of Howards End , the Schlegels. Forster, together with the young men who would later form the Bloomsbury group of writers Lytton Strachey, John Maynard Keynes, and Leonard Woolf, among others , embraced this challenge to traditional religious morality and to the growing commercial spirit of the time. Yet, like the Schlegel sisters, he was not completely satisfied by life among the London literati.

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Howards End Reader’s Guide

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Two families are contrasted: the intellectual and cultivated Schlegels, and the capitalist Wilcoxes. A marriage between the two leads to spiritual rivalry over the possession of property. Following on their social coat tails is a working-class would-be intellectual who is caught between two conflicting worlds. The outcome is a mixture of tragedy and resignation, leavened by hope for the future in the young and free-spirited.

Howards End

Welcome to the LitCharts study guide on E. Forster's Howards End.

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