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Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. We, the undersigned organizations, call on the United Nations Security Council and UN member states to urgently institute a coordinated, global arms embargo on Myanmar in response to the February 1, military coup that has deprived the people of Myanmar of the right to democratically elect their government.

International security , also called global security , is a term which refers to the measures taken by states and international organizations , such as the United Nations , European Union , and others, to ensure mutual survival and safety. These measures include military action and diplomatic agreements such as treaties and conventions. International and national security are invariably linked.

International security

While the SARS outbreak went largely unnoticed at least not formally by the Security Council, in , it designated the Ebola outbreak in West Africa as a threat to international peace and security. Resolution was the first time the Security Council had considered and subsequently determined a public health issue a threat to international peace and security in line with Article 39 of the UN Charter. Second, it considers whether factors attributable to the designation of the Ebola outbreak as a threat to peace and security are comparable to the current coronavirus outbreak. And third, it highlights some legal aspects pertaining to such a designation, including potential effects of that designation. The Ebola outbreak as a threat to international peace and security.

Born out of war, the UN has sought to curtail plagues of a past characterized by two world wars. Based on the idea of liberal institutionalism where multilateral institutions are to facilitate inter-state cooperation, the UN intended to bring the major military powers together with the main task of maintaining international peace and security Weiss , Hanhimaki It will specifically focus on peace operations, nuclear disarmament and humanitarian intervention, some of the main areas through which the UN is maintaining international peace and security UN a. As one main actor in global governance, I conclude that the real success of the UN has been in its role as a normative power, guiding the global understanding of acceptable behavior. Outlining its structure and function is an essential first step for determining its success.

The UN Secretary-General appointed in August an independent lead author, Graeme Simpson , to develop the Progress Study, as well as an Advisory Group of Experts , including 21 scholars, practitioners and young leaders. A Steering Committee , composed of 34 partners from the UN system, civil society and non-governmental organizations, inter-governmental organizations, foundations, etc. The Study defines critical issues and areas of interventions for the YPS agenda. It is an agenda-setting document , defining a strategy for the implementation of SCR A full version of the Study, including detailed information about the research process and a full reference list, will be published by July

International Peace and Security

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International security

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    Nowadays many international or regional organizations are involved in peacemaking, peace-enforcing and peacekeeping activities: United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, African Union, European Union, etc.

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