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Lars Pearson born , in Iowa is an American writer, editor, and journalist. Pearson attended Coe College studying writing at their Writing Center. Pearson's writing career started as an editor for a newspaper then moved to magazines. While working at ToyFare , he was interviewed by U. Pearson later moved into writing guide books for television shows.

Pearson Business Reference and Writer's Handbook (with downloadable ebook access code)

Author, Initial. Book title. No author. Collins concise New Zealand dictionary 7th ed. London, England: Collins. In-text citations:.

ISBN 13: 9780135140536

Author's Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial. Year of Publication. Title of book: Subtitle of book edition. Examples : Sternberg, E. Just business: Business ethics in action 2nd ed.

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Pearson Business Reference and Writer's Handbook [With Access Code] grammatically correct documents (business reference manual) and.

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