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Oxygen enters the bloodstream through tiny membranes in the lungs that absorb oxygen as it is inhaled. As the body uses the oxygen and processes nutrients, it creates carbon dioxide, which your lungs expel as you exhale. A similar process occurs with the digestive system to transport nutrients, as well as hormones in the endocrine system. These hormones are taken from where they are produced to the organs they affect. The circulatory system works thanks to constant pressure from the heart and valves throughout the body.

The Insect Circulatory System: Structure, Function, and Evolution

Your circulatory system , also known as your cardiovascular system, is made up of your heart and blood vessels. It works to transport oxygen and other nutrients to all the organs and tissues in your body. It also works to remove carbon dioxide and other waste products. Having a healthy circulatory system is vital to your health and well-being.

Continue reading as we delve deeper into the circulatory system, its function, and what you can do to keep your heart and blood vessels in good shape. Your circulatory system is vital to your survival. The small blood vessels called capillaries facilitate the exchange of oxygen and nutrients between your blood and the cells in your body. Carbon dioxide and other waste products, which are expelled from your body, are also exchanged via your capillaries.

These tiny capillaries are spread throughout your body so that they can reach every cell. The circulatory system can also respond to various stimuli to regulate the flow of blood.

Examples of these stimuli include changes in:. Atherosclerosis is when plaque builds up along the walls of your arteries. Risk factors that can contribute to plaque buildup include:. Atherosclerosis can gradually make the arteries narrower, affecting the amount of blood that can flow through them. Because of this, organs and tissues may not get enough oxygen. Other arteries in your body can also be affected as well. This is called peripheral artery disease , which affects how well blood can flow to your legs, feet, arms, and hands.

In some cases, an artery may become completely blocked by plaque or a blood clot. When this happens, a heart attack or stroke can occur. Your blood pressure is the force that your blood exerts on the walls of your arteries as your heart pumps. High blood pressure can eventually damage your heart and blood vessels, as well as other organs like your brain, kidneys , and eyes. An arrhythmia is an abnormal heart rhythm.

When you have an arrhythmia, your heart may be beating too fast tachycardia , too slowly bradycardia , or irregularly. It happens due to changes in the heart or its electrical signals. Your veins contain valves that help keep oxygen-depleted blood flowing toward your heart. When these valves fail, blood collects in the veins, which can cause them to bulge and become swollen or painful.

Varicose veins most often appear on the lower legs. A blood clot is when blood coagulates or clumps together to form a gel-like mass. This clot can get stuck in a blood vessel where it blocks the flow of blood.

Blood clots can cause:. A heart attack happens when the flow of blood to part of the heart is blocked or when the oxygen demand of the heart exceeds the oxygen supply. A stroke is when a blood vessel that supplies the brain with oxygen and nutrients is blocked. When this happens, cells in your brain begin to die off. Circulatory system issues are best treated as early as possible. Your doctor can help monitor your cardiovascular health, as well as your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Call or seek immediate medical attention if you experience signs of a heart attack or stroke. Signs of a heart attack can include:. Signs of a stroke include:. Your circulatory system is made up of your heart and an intricate network of blood vessels. The purpose of this system is to keep all the cells in your body supplied with fresh oxygen and nutrients while removing carbon dioxide and other waste products.

Several different types of conditions can affect your circulatory system. Many of these conditions involve some type of blood vessel blockage, which can lower oxygen delivery to vital organs. There are steps you can take to keep your circulatory system as healthy as possible. Some key steps include getting regular exercise, eating heart-healthy foods, not smoking, and maintaining a moderate weight. Regular visits to your doctor can also help identify and treat any potential problems before they become more serious issues.

A bounding pulse is a pulse that feels as though your heart is pounding or racing. Your pulse will probably feel strong and powerful. A heart attack can slow or accelerate your heart rate.

Learn what happens to your heart, heart rate, and blood pressure during a heart attack. Find out what happens when you have a heart attack and how to have a conversation with your doctor after a heart attack. After a heart attack, your doctor will start you on a treatment plan to prevent a future heart attack or other complication. This will include making…. Medically reviewed by Dr. Payal Kohli, M. What is it? Fast facts How it works Conditions When to seek care Disease prevention Bottom line Your circulatory system , also known as your cardiovascular system, is made up of your heart and blood vessels.

What makes up the circulatory system? Interesting facts about the circulatory system. In most adult humans, a normal resting heart rate is between 60 to beats per minute. The total length of all of the blood vessels in your body is about 60, miles. Capillaries are your most numerous blood vessels and also the smallest. Red blood cells often have to move through the capillaries in single-file. Your blood pressure changes throughout the day.

How does it work? Circulatory system conditions. When to seek medical care. What can you do to keep your circulatory system healthy?

Get your heart pumping. Regular cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to get your heart pumping and to improve blood flow throughout your body. Eat heart-healthy foods. Choose foods like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean protein, including fish. Try to limit foods that are high in: sodium saturated fats trans fats added sugars cholesterol Maintain a moderate weight. Carrying more weight can place more stress on your heart and blood vessels.

Manage stress. High levels of long-term stress can affect your heart health. Try to manage stress in healthy ways. Some stress-reducing options include: exercise meditation breathing techniques yoga Limit sitting. Sitting still for long periods , such as at a desk or on a plane, can restrict blood flow. Make a point to stand up and move around at least once an hour. Quit smoking. Smoking increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. They can help you come up with a plan and recommend tools to help you quit.

See your doctor regularly. Getting regular checkups can help you and your doctor monitor your overall health, including your blood pressure, cholesterol, and any underlying conditions.

The bottom line. Read this next. What Causes Bounding Pulse? Medically reviewed by Carissa Stephens, R.

Circulatory system

The heart pumps blood through a vast network of arteries and veins. Blood is a living fluid. It transports oxygen and other essential substances throughout the body, fights sickness, and performs other vital functions. Below are 8 important facts about blood. Because of these living cells suspended in the plasma, blood is considered a fluid connective tissue not a fluid.


Circulatory system , system that transports nutrients, respiratory gases, and metabolic products throughout a living organism, permitting integration among the various tissues. The process of circulation includes the intake of metabolic materials, the conveyance of these materials throughout the organism, and the return of harmful by-products to the environment. Invertebrate animals have a great variety of liquids, cells, and modes of circulation, though many invertebrates have what is called an open system, in which fluid passes more or less freely throughout the tissues or defined areas of tissue. All vertebrates, however, have a closed system—that is, their circulatory system transmits fluid through an intricate network of vessels.

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The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, blood vessels, and blood. This system has three main functions:. Clotting mechanisms are also present that protect the body from blood loss after injuries. Previous Blood Groups. Next Quiz Functions of the Cardiovascular System.

The organs of the circulation angiologia include the bloodvascular system and the lymphatic system.

Functions of the Cardiovascular System

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    Although the insect circulatory system is involved in a multitude of vital physiological processes, it has gone grossly understudied.

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    Your circulatory system , also known as your cardiovascular system, is made up of your heart and blood vessels.

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    The circulatory system consists of three independent systems that work together: the heart cardiovascular , lungs pulmonary , and arteries, veins, coronary and portal vessels systemic.

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