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After the PN-junction diode was developed in the year s, the diode was first exercised as a high-power rectifier, low-frequency during the year

A PIN diode is a diode with a wide, undoped intrinsic semiconductor region between a p-type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor region. The p-type and n-type regions are typically heavily doped because they are used for ohmic contacts. The wide intrinsic region is in contrast to an ordinary p—n diode.

When forward-biased, it acts like a current-controlled variable resistance. This is shown in Figure b and c. The PIN diode operates in exactly the same way as a normal diode. The only real difference is that the depletion region, that normally exists between the P and N regions in an unbiased or reverse biased diode is larger. In any PN junction, the P region contains holes as it has been doped to ensure that it has a predominance of holes.

PIN Diodes

Definition: PIN diode is formed by sandwiching intrinsic layer high resistivity about 0. Due to this large magnitude of the electric field, the electron-hole pair generation will augment up to a large extent and this, in turn, can process even a weak input signal. The width of these depletion layers is large due to which capacitance will decrease because capacitance decreases with the separation between electrodes. Here P-type and N-type region are acting as anode and cathode respectively. The symbolic representation of the PIN diode is shown below:. Pin diode consists of two layers of semiconductors and one layer of intrinsic material in between them.

Photodiode Theory of Operation

In general, all the electronic devices need DC power supply but it is impossible to generate DC power so, we need an alternative to get some DC power thus the usage of diodes comes into the picture to convert AC power to DC power. A diode is a tiny electronic component used in almost all the electronic circuits to enable the flow of current in only one direction unidirectional device. We can say that the usage of semiconductor materials to build the electronic components was started with diodes. Before the invention of diode there were with vacuum tubes, where the applications of both these devices are similar but the size occupied by the vacuum tube will be much greater than the diodes. The construction of vacuum tubes is a bit complex and they are difficult to maintain when compared with the semiconductor diodes.

One type that is used for a variety of circuits is the PIN diode. This form of diode is used in a number of areas. The PIN diode found its first applications in as a low frequency high power rectifier. It was also used in a number of microwave applications, although it took until around before its use became more popular in this application. A further use of the PIN diode is as a photo-detector photodetector or photo-diode where its structure is particularly suited to absorbing light. The PIN diode receives its name from the fact that is has three main layers. The instrinic layer of the PIN diode is the one that provides the change in properties when compared to a normal PN junction diode.

Click here to go to our main diode page. Click here to go to our page on PIN diode switches. Click here to go to our page on reflection phase shifters. Click here to go to our page on reflection attenuators. PIN diodes are the workhorse of the solid-state microwave switch industry! PIN diodes can be made both on GaAs or silicon. A word of advice for anyone who wants to learn about PIN diodes

PIN Diode Basics, Working and Applications

It is a 3-layer device in which an intrinsic layer i. Thus, making it a PIN diode. The presence of intrinsic region exhibits high resistance property. Due to this, the magnitude of the electric field also becomes large.

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PIN diode structure

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    Definition: The diode in which the intrinsic layer of high resistivity is sandwiched between the P and N-region of semiconductor material such type of diode is known as the PIN diode.

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    The differences in the operation of the different types of photodiode enables their individual characteristics to be utilised in different ways, and in this way their advantages can be maximised and the best circuit operation gained.

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    A PIN diode is an advancement of normal PN junction diode. It is a 3-layer device in which an intrinsic layer i.e., undoped semiconductor is sandwiched between.

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