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English as a Tool of Neo-Colonialism and Globalization in Asian Contexts

The widespread of English in the context of globalization places great influence on the cultural identity of mainland China. This paper argues that the influence is not completely negative. Alsagoff, L. Identity and the EIL learner. Alsagoff, S.

The Journal of Asian Pacific Communication JAPC is an international journal whose academic mission is to bring together specialists from diverse scholarly disciplines to discuss and interpret language in communication issues as they pertain to people of Asian Pacific regions and in their immigrant communities worldwide. General information about our electronic journals. Individuals may apply for a special subscription rate of EUR Sample issue: JAPC Chief Editors. Marinus van den Berg Leiden University.

Journal of Asian Pacific Communication

Annabelle Mooney, A. Tsui and J. This fine book, divided into three parts, addresses questions of national language policy and national identity in a global context from a number of perspectives. English, as one might expect, is of central importance and the third part of the book is devoted specifically to its role in language policy and language politics. Fortunately there is not a disruptive division between the parts. Moreover, the collection is nicely balanced in terms of method, material, and focus.

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The book includes twelve articles organized into three sections: 1 globalization and its impact on language policies, culture, and identity, 2 language policy and the social re construction of national cultural identity, and 3 language policy and language politics: the role of English. The introductory chapter sets the stage for the following articles by situating them within the current unprecedented global spread of English. As a result of globalization, Asian countries found themselves confronted by the need to teach English as one part of a national strategy aimed at engaging with an increasingly globalized economy. Discussions in the book do not fail to capture the paradoxical nature of national language policies; the very practices meant to control the hegemonic nature of English end up legitimizing it. Illustrative examples will follow later.

Language Policy, Culture, and Identity in Asian Contexts

Critical Perspectives on International Education pp Cite as. At the beginning of the 21 st Century, the English language is enjoying unprecedented status Crystal, Some cases in point: at any given international conference, the language of communication will probably be English, perhaps with some papers in the local language with simultaneous translation; more and more universities world wide are offering some of their programs—particularly in business studies in English; policy documents world-wide are often written in English: international science journals increasingly publish in English. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

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It is a great sourcebook that may be used in graduate and undergraduate courses on language policy, language in society and language education The detail of discussion makes this book an extremely useful reference for those involved in language policy issues. By situating national language policies in their complex sociopolitical settings, the book provides compelling analyses of some of the paradoxes engendered in forming national cultural identities via language and through identifying stakeholders, their conflicting interests, and the identity construction and negotiation processes at work. Linguists and language planners in education should benefit immensely by reading these case studies of various Asian countries and their recent language planning and management efforts. It also provides issues, agendas, and avenues, as well as theoretical and methodological tools, for further inquiries into these issues.

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Language Policy, Culture, and Identity in Asian Contexts

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