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Oscar Cullman. Translated from German by Floyd V. SCM Press Ltd. This book, by Oscar Cullman, who is also the author of the book The Christology of the New Testament , and a plethora of other books concerning New Testament Interpretation and Theology, seeks to outline how, according to Cullman, the early church interpreted history and time. Seeking to stay as far away from any philosophical influences Cullman wishes to explain what the proper Christian understanding of History is according to scripture.

Christ and time : the primitive Christian conception of time and history

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Christ and Time: The Primitive Christian Conception of Time

Also checking out every single time you desire, this task will not disrupt your various other activities; numerous people commonly check out the publications Christ And Time The Primitive Christian Conception Of Time And History, By Oscar Cullmann when they are having the leisure. Just what about you? What do you do when having the leisure? Do not you invest for useless points? It will offer much more benefits. Christ and time The primitive christian conception of time and history, by Oscar Cullmann. Not only had guides released from this country, however likewise the other countries.

He is best known for his work in the ecumenical movement and was partly responsible for the establishment of dialogue between the Lutheran and Roman Catholic traditions. Because of his intense ecumenical work, Cullmann's Basel colleague Karl Barth joked with him that his tombstone would bear the inscription "advisor to three popes. Cullmann was born in Strasbourg then in Germany and studied classical philology and theology at the seminary there. In , he accepted an assistant professorship, a position previously held by Albert Schweitzer. In , he was awarded a full professorship of New Testament.

The original edition of this book was published in German in under the title Christus und die Zeit by Evangelischer Verlag A. The vigorous discussion which its publication has evoked makes it clear that the author has dealt in a scholarly and vital way with a central issue of Biblical study and Christian theology. It is not surprising that a second German edition has been needed. The book has also appeared in French, and translations into other European languages are in process. This volume is significant not only for its challenging presentation of Professor Cullmann's own position, but also because it carries on a spirited and informative debate with several leading European scholars whose works are not available to the English-speaking reader.

Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd PROFESSOR CULLMANN's book on CHRIST AND TIME is undoubtedly one of the most 18 See e.g. J. Frisque, Oscar Cullmann: Une Thiologie de l' Histoire du Salut, or.

Cullmann, Christ and Time the Primitive Christian Conception of Time

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