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The relationship between history and archaeology : artefacts, documents and power

The purpose of history is to throw light on the past. This is done through discovery and study of historical sources. It is rather easy to find sources for writing the history of the recent past, because there is plenty of hand written and printed material on and about modern State and Society. There is also enough material in respect of medieval times. But the real difficulty arises for writing ancient history. In ancient Greece and Rome, there were historians to write the accounts of their times. But ancient Indians who wrote on many subjects, rarely wrote history.

Relation between Anthropology and History

Archaeology always seems to conjure up images of the exotic. Images of pyramids, cliff dwellings, and spectacular artifacts of gold or turquoise come to mind. While all of those amazing places and fabulous objects are familiar to most of us, they're so compelling that they sometimes mask a more important and poorly understood fact: every place has a past, and every past is important. That's especially true here in Pennsylvania. The area that is now the Commonwealth was settled by Native American people more than 16, years ago, during the end of the Ice Ages. In fact, one of the oldest radiocarbon dated sites in North America, the Meadowcroft Rockshelter, is located in southwestern Pennsylvania. The descendants of those first people lived in literally every corner of Pennsylvania, and left behind a rich and important record of their history and cultures.

Archaeology is the study of the ancient and recent human past through material remains. Archaeologists might study the million-year-old fossils of our earliest human ancestors in Africa. Or they might study 20th-century buildings in present-day New York City. Archaeology analyzes the physical remains of the past in pursuit of a broad and comprehensive understanding of human culture. About Archaeology. Home About Archaeology What is Archaeology? What is Archaeology?

Archaeological and historical sources, i. This academic cross-over has good prerequisites to serve as a source of theory, and ways of making thicker and more solid interpretations. Almost every time archaeologists deal with archaeology from historical times, there are references to historical data and written sources. In this session we want to discuss the meeting between archaeology and history and its implications for both theory-building and the everyday practice and craft, and the special role of Historical Archaeology in this enterprise. The relationship between history and archaeology seems in practice however still to be rather problematic.

Archaeological sources allow us to go. Page 4. 4. STANISLAW TABACZYNSKI beyond the frontier of 'the world with history'. They allow us to 'recognise the.

The relationship between Archaeology and the natural sciences (2012)

Return to History 8 Manual Assignments. History and Archaeology are related because through archaeology, we discover things about the past. We learn about past cultures and societies, showing how much the world has changed over time. Everything discovered on an archaeological dig was alive or in use a long, long time ago. Exploring these things teaches us about the people that came before us so many years ago.

Sources of Ancient Indian History: Archaeological and Literary Sources

Archaeology or archeology [a] is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture.

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    Anthropology deals with man who is not merely a part on nature but also a dynamic creature in terms of biological and social features.

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    Paleontology is the field of science which uses fossils to study life throughout geologic time.

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