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This paper reports the results of a qualitative study on the process of learning complex concepts in chemistry by four students as they worked with FLiPS Flexible Learning in the Periodic System , a cognitive flexibility multi-media hypertext for learning about the periodic system of elements. A wide range of probes think-alouds; navigation logs; observational notes, interviews; pre- and post-tests; epistemic beliefs survey; and background questionnaire produced a rich data set for analysis. This data was analyzed to construct rich narrative case- and cross-case narratives of the participants' process of working and learning in this complex hypertext environment. This multi-level analysis offers insight both into the fine-grained process of use as well as the larger issues of the pedagogical significance of FLiPS. Our analysis reveals a complex relationship between epistemic beliefs, student motivation, prior knowledge, and process of learning from hypertext.


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A Place for Digital Storytelling in Teacher Pedagogy

Erdmann, PhD Award Recipients. Ditto and I. Abrogation of esophageal carcinoma development in miR knockout rats. Absence-to-bilateral-tonic-clonic seizure: A generalized seizure type. Accepting higher morbidity in exchange for sacrificing fewer animals in studies developing novel infection-control strategies. Busscher, Willem Woudstra, Theo G.

Borkowski, Lorna K. Chan, and Nithi Muthukrishna. Plake and Joseph C. Tillitt, and Richard T. Di Giulio. Aggett, Robert Anton, Paul S. Bernstein, Jeffrey Blumberg, Robert P.

Request PDF | Developing a technological pedagogical content the content knowledge in Mishler and Koehler () TPACK framework.


General, nested, and constrained Wiberg minimization. Dennis Strelow. General and nested Wiberg minimization: L 2 and maximum likelihood. General and nested Wiberg minimization.

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Chloroplast genomes plastomes are frequently treated as highly conserved among land plants. However, many lineages of vascular plants have experienced extensive structural rearrangements, including inversions and modifications to the size and content of genes. Here, we investigated the variation of plastome sequences across the second-major lineage of the Cactaceae, the subfamily Opuntioideae, to address 1 how variable is the content and arrangement of chloroplast genome sequences across the subfamily, and 2 how phylogenetically informative are the plastome sequences for resolving major relationships among the clades of Opuntioideae. Our de novo assembly of the Opuntia quimilo plastome recovered an organelle of , bp in length with both copies of the inverted repeat and the presence of all the ndh gene suite. An expansion of the large single copy unit and a reduction of the small single copy unit was observed, including translocations and inversion of genes, as well as the putative pseudogenization of some loci.

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    Teachers College Record Volume , Number 6, June , pp. – nology is used (Carr, Jonassen, Litzinger, & Marra, ; Mishra & Koehler,. ). June 28, , from endthebleed.org

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    PDF | Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, or TPACK (pronounced t-​pack), is a subject matter (Koehler & Mishra, ; Mishra & Koehler, ). since this paper and Koehler and Mishler () highlight the importance of.

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