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Virus manipulation of cell cycle

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Viruses depend on host cell resources for replication and access to those resources may be limited to a particular phase of the cell cycle. Thus manipulation of cell cycle is a commonly employed strategy of viruses for achieving a favorable cellular environment. For example, viruses capable of infecting nondividing cells induce S phase in order to activate the host DNA replication machinery and provide the nucleotide triphosphates necessary for viral DNA replication Flemington in J Virol —, ; Sullivan and Pipas in Microbiol Mol Biol Rev —, Viruses have developed several strategies to subvert the cell cycle by association with cyclin and cyclin-dependent kinase complexes and molecules that regulate their activity. Viruses tend to act on cellular proteins involved in a network of interactions in a way that minimal protein—protein interactions lead to a major effect. The complex and interactive nature of intracellular signaling pathways controlling cell division affords many opportunities for virus manipulation strategies.

Metrics details. In addition to pro-apoptotic and cytostatic properties, Vpr can redirect cellular E3 ubiquitin ligases such as DCAF1-Cul4A E3 ligase complex to target many host proteins and interfere with their functions. Among them, Vpr binds the uracil DNA glycosylase UNG2, which controls genome uracilation, and induces its specific degradation leading to loss of uracil removal activity in infected cells. Co-culture experiments were used to re-examine the ability of Vpr to be released by HIV-1 infected cells and to effectively accumulate in bystander B-cells. Vpr-mediated UNG2 modulations were monitored by following UNG2 protein abundance and uracil removal enzymatic activity.

Induced cell cycle arrest

Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA damage response DDR is the fundamental cellular response for maintaining genomic integrity and suppressing tumorigenesis. Oncolytic Newcastle disease virus NDV can selectively replicate in tumor cells; however, its influence on the genome integrity of tumor cells is not well-elucidated. Immunofluorescence data showed that multifaceted ATM-controlled phosphorylation markedly induced the formation of pan-nuclear punctum foci in response to NDV infection and F-HN co-expression. The pharmacological inhibition of MRN activity also significantly inhibited intracellular and extracellular NDV replication and syncytia formation. Collectively, these data identified for the first time a direct link between the membrane fusion induced by virus infection and DDR pathways, thereby providing new insights into the efficient replication of oncolytic NDV in tumor cells. Various viruses have evolved a plethora of strategies to manipulate DNA damage machinery and commandeer cells to maximize their own replication.

Recognition and repair of DNA damage is critical for maintaining genomic integrity and suppressing tumorigenesis. In eukaryotic cells, the sensing and repair of DNA damage are exquisitely coordinated with cell cycle progression and checkpoints, in order to prevent the propagation of damaged DNA. The carefully maintained cellular response to DNA damage is challenged by viruses, which produce a large amount of exogenous DNA during infection. Viruses also express proteins that perturb cellular DNA repair and cell cycle pathways, promoting tumorigenesis in their quest for cellular domination. This review presents an overview of strategies employed by viruses to manipulate DNA damage responses and cell cycle checkpoints as they commandeer the cell to maximize their own viral replication. Studies of viruses have identified key cellular regulators and revealed insights into molecular mechanisms governing DNA repair, cell cycle checkpoints, and transformation. Cells are equipped with extensive regulatory networks to detect and repair damaged DNA.

Regulation of cell cycles is of key importance in human papillomavirus HPV -associated cervical carcinogenesis. The rapid progress in molecular biology has allowed the identification of the genes involved in different functions of normal cells and has also improved our understanding of the mechanisms of human carcinogenesis. The human papillomavirus HPV is a small double-stranded DNA tumor virus and its genes can manipulate cell cycle control to promote viral persistence and replication. The difference between the ability of low and high-risk HPV types to induce immortalization and transformation may well lie in their abilities to interact with the various cell cycle components, resulting in the loss of multiple cell cycle checkpoints, which are important in host genome fidelity, thus potentially resulting in accumulation of genetic abnormalities. Cervical cancer is one of the leading malignancies in women worldwide, with substantial morbidity and mortality.

Request PDF | Viral manipulation of DNA repair and cell cycle checkpoints | Recognition and repair of DNA damage is critical for maintaining.

Molecular mechanisms of viral oncogenesis in humans

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Induced cell cycle arrest is the use of a chemicals or genetic manipulation to artificially halt progression through the cell cycle. Cellular processes like genome duplication and cell division stop. In an academic research context, cell cycle arrest is typically performed in model organisms and cell extracts, such as Saccharomyces cervisiae yeast or Xenopus oocytes frog eggs.

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Virus manipulation of cell cycle


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