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Improving and Sustaining Productivity in Dryland Regions of Developing Countries

Dry farming crops are characterized by very low and highly variable and uncertain yields. Crop failures are quite common. These are mainly due to the following causes. In general, the rainfall is low and highly variable which results in uncertain crop yields. Besides its uncertainty, the distribution of rainfall during the crop period is uneven, receiving high amount of rain, when it is not needed and lack of it when crop needs it.

Dry farming

Dry farming , also called Dryland Farming , the cultivation of crops without irrigation in regions of limited moisture, typically less than 20 inches 50 centimetres of precipitation annually. Dry farming depends upon efficient storage of the limited moisture in the soil and the selection of crops and growing methods that make the best use of this moisture. Tilling the land shortly after harvest and keeping it free from weeds are typical methods, but in certain latitudes stubble is left in the fields after harvest to trap snow. Moisture control during crop growing consists largely of destruction of weeds and prevention of runoff. The ideal soil surface is free of weeds but has enough clods or dead vegetable matter to hinder runoff and prevent erosion. Crops adapted to dry farming may be either drought resistant or drought evasive.

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PDF | On Jan 1, , S.N. Singh and others published Problem and Solution for the Dryland Agriculture in India | Find, read Intercept runoff before its volume and velocity become sufficient to cause.

Problem and Solution for the Dryland Agriculture in India.pdf

Dryland farming and dry farming encompass specific agricultural techniques for the non-irrigated cultivation of crops. Dryland farming is associated with drylands , areas characterized by a cool wet season which charges the soil with virtually all the moisture that the crops will receive prior to harvest followed by a warm dry season. They are also associated with arid conditions, areas prone to drought and those having scarce water-resources.

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Major Areas :: Dryland Agriculture. Success Stories Videos. Dryland Agriculture - an Introduction. High Yielding Techniques of Dryland Crops.

Dryland Agriculture: Dynamics, Challenges and Priorities

Rao, C.

Dry farming

Advances in Soil Science pp Cite as. Interest in dryland and rain-fed farming systems has increased significantly in recent years in many regions of the world because of rapidly increasing human populations coupled with low productivity gains, escalating water development costs for new irrigation projects, and high operation and maintenance costs associated with irrigated agriculture. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

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Furthermore, available freshwater resources per person have declined by more than 20 percent over the past two decades, underscoring the importance of producing more with less, especially in the agriculture sector, the world's largest user. Improved water management, supported by effective governance and strong institutions - including secure water tenure and rights, underpinned by sound water accounting and auditing - will be essential to ensure global food security and nutrition, and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs , according to The State of Food and Agriculture SOFA - a flagship report published today by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Paths for action range from investing in water-harvesting and conservation in rainfed areas to rehabilitating and modernizing sustainable irrigation systems in irrigated areas. These must be combined with best agronomic practices, such as adopting drought-tolerant crop varieties, and improved water management tools - including effective water pricing and allocation tools, such as water rights and quotas - to ensure equitable and sustainable access. Water accounting and auditing must be, however, the starting point for any effective management strategy. Achieving the internationally agreed SDG pledges, including the Zero Hunger target, "is still achievable," the SOFA emphasizes - but only by ensuring more productive and sustainable use of freshwater and rainwater in agriculture, which accounts for more than 70 percent of global water withdrawals. FAO's SOFA report in also focused on water issues, and today it is striking how the findings presented then remain valid and relevant today.

PDF | Due to low opportunities and higher population of landless and Various problems of dryland agriculture and suggested To the extent that water logging is not a problem, the runo of water and its a endant erosion.

Dry farming

Citation: Emilio J. Conservation Agriculture and its contribution to the achievement of agri-environmental and economic challenges in Europe[J]. Article views PDF downloads Cited by 8. Figures 7. Emilio J.

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Improving and Sustaining Productivity in Dryland Regions of Developing Countries

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