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Byzantine philosophy

For the purposes of this article, Byzantine philosophy is the study and teaching of traditional subjects of philosophy in the Greek language between c. The main reason for focusing on the philosophical works after c. This tradition was formed in antiquity. Hence, the works discussed here will typically be concerned with questions inherited from ancient philosophy. We have tried to impose a provisional borderline between Byzantine philosophy and other areas which are so closely related to Byzantine philosophy as to be sometimes inseparable from it. This may seem to lead us straight towards an episodic account, concentrating on a few solitary thinkers on the fringe of Byzantine intellectual history. In order to avoid this we have chosen not to place very heavy demands on the originality of the works to be included.

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Journal of the History of Philosophy

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Byzantine philosophy refers to the distinctive philosophical ideas of the philosophers and scholars of the Byzantine Empire , especially between the 8th and 15th centuries. It was characterised by a Christian world-view, but one which could draw ideas directly from the Greek texts of Plato , Aristotle , and the Neoplatonists. Greek science and literature remained alive in the Byzantine world, and Byzantine philosophy drew heavily on Plato , Aristotle , and the Neoplatonists , even if it was now Christian in tone. In the 7th century, John of Damascus produced a three-part encyclopedia containing in its third part a systematic exposition of Christian theology. An important figure was Gregory Palamas who developed a mystical movement known as Hesychasm , which involved the use of the noetic Jesus prayer to achieve a vision of the uncreated Light also called the Illumination or Vision of God. This migration played a critical role in the manifestation of the Renaissance in the West. Especially the role Barlaam of Calabria , who opposed Hesychasm, played in the formation of Roman Catholic theology in the West.

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Journal of the History of Philosophy

In this series we tackle the third of three parallel traditions which unfolded in the "medieval" period: philosophy in the Christian East. The main focus is on philosophy in Greek, produced above all in the capital of the Byzantine empire, Constantinople. We look at efforts to preserve and expound the Hellenic intellectual inheritance, and the debates that ensued as some thinkers were deemed to embrace pagan learning too eagerly.

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Journal of the History of Philosophy Byzantine Philosophy and its Ancient Sources. Talking about, let alone writing on "Byzantine Philosophy" within the English-speaking philosophical community could cause embarrassment. It is only recently that this field has gained a few notable entries in philosophical works of reference like the Routledge Encyclopedia or the Oxford Dictionary —but still it cannot make its way into the histories of medieval philosophy, not to mention the general histories of philosophy.

Byzantine Philosophy

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