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Arthur F. Wright, Science and Civilisation in China.

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In Search of Chinese Science

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Methods Citations. Citation Type. Has PDF. Publication Type. More Filters. A maritime cultural landscape of Cochinchina: The South China Sea, maritime routes, navigation, and boats in pre colonial central Vietnam. Research Feed. Cliff roads: An ecological conservation technique for road construction in mountainous regions of China. Evolution of living standards and human capital in China in the th centuries: Evidences from real wages, age-heaping, and anthropometrics.

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Science and Civilisation in China: Volume 4, Physics and Physical Technology ...

Forgot Password? Already Subscribed? Create a Login now. John Derbyshire. One of my schoolmasters was fond of saying that there are only two worthwhile forms of worldly immortality: to get a poem in the Oxford Book of English Verse , or to have a mathematical theorem named after you. He does, though, enjoy the rare distinction of having a Question named for him. Not a mere question , but a Question , one that has generated endless discussion and many theories.

Reviewed by: Science and Civilisation in China. Volume 7, The Social Background. Science and Civilisation in China. Volume 7 , The Social Background. Part 2 , General Conclusions and Reflections. Introduction by Mark Elvin. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,

Book reviews: Bomb, Book and Compass: Joseph Needham and the Great Secrets of China

Arthur W. Hummel, Science and Civilisation in China. Part 1, Physics.

Science and Civilisation in China —present is an ongoing series of books about the history of science and technology in China published by Cambridge University Press. It was initiated and edited by British historian Joseph Needham — In , Needham—along with an international team of collaborators—initiated the project to study the science, technology, and civilisation of ancient China. This project produced a series of volumes published by Cambridge University Press.

One of the great synoptic works of human developmental biology is a three-volume work that was published by Cambridge University Press in Over pages long, Chemical Embryology provides not only an exhaustive account of changes in the embryo and placenta osmotic pressure, pH, respiratory gradients, metabolic processes but a descriptive history of the egg from its earliest mythic beginnings. Leading light of the Cambridge Biochemical Laboratory, he was already being hailed as the new Erasmus, so impressive were his intellectual reach and vigour.

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Using cross-cultural comparison, Joseph Needham composed a "connected history" of Chinese science and technology in global context, so that his Science and Civilisation in China SCC offered a refreshing view of science and technology to readers. In the SCC 's subvolume on mechanical engineering vol. Needham further tried to verify the possible origin and transregional dissemination including stimulus diffusion of such inventions as the astronomical clockwork and the interconversion of rotary and rectilinear motion in Eurasia. Although it was difficult to make satisfying arguments about the impact of Chinese knowledge on any European invention, Needham's methodologies, and even his enlightening speculations, are of real significance for present and future scholarship. Joseph Needham — spent almost half a lifetime researching the Chinese tradition of knowledge and heading up the creation of the seminal book series Science and Civilisation in China SCC , which remains the most comprehensive work on the history of science and technology in China available in non-Chinese languages. Contrary to Eurocentric practices of his time, Needham pioneered the integration of Chinese science and technology as a sample of non-Western traditions into the history [End Page ] of world civilization.

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Science and Civilization in China: eBooks

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