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The effect of seaweed concentrate on the growth and yield of potassium stressed wheat

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Marine sea weeds are frequently regarded as biofertilizer, soil conditioner and generally exploits as promoter in healthier crop production because algae have a lots of plant growth- boosting compounds. Present study inclusively showed a variable effect of different seaweed concentration in two important staple food crops Lens culinaris Black Masoor and Phaseolusmungo Green Mung. Analysis of data revealed that two seaweed species Sargassum and Sapthoglossum in the form of organic fertilizer, regarding stimulator of seed germination and growth parameters shoot index as well as enhancer of biochemical attributes of both pulses. Highest growth rate in both leguminous species were observed treated with 3gm and 6 gm of seaweed dried organic fertilizer. And the lowest growth index was found at 12gm, 15gm and 19gm of seaweed fertilizer. Therefore results showed that 3gm and 6 gm treatment were more suitable for plant growth as compared to other treatments. Yasmin Akhtar.

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Liquid Seaweed Infusion

One of the most species that using in seaweeds farming is Gracilaria sp. The success of farming, is determined by several factors such as plant spacing. The aim of this study is to determinine the best plant spacing for seaweeds farming and water quality of farming location. The research was held using experimental methods that refers to Meylia Seaweeds is grown using three plant spacing 20, 25 and 30 cm for 42 days. Wet weight of seaweeds was measured every week. Water quality was measured at the beginning, middle and end of the study.

Concentrated liquid seaweed with added key nutrients to enhance plant growth. A full range of micro elements and stimulating hormones allow the plant to make the most of its rooting environment. Calcium will increase plant cell strength and improve shelf life post harvest. Apply throughout the plants life. Suitable for foliar application. Seaweed has been shown to raise Brix levels percentage of solids in the juice of plants thereby improving plant health, flavour, nutrition, frost and draught resisitance. Liquid Seaweed Infusion.

PDF | Seaweed and seaweed-derived products have been widely used as bio stimulants in crop production due to presence of multiple growth.

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Seeing the importance of consuming vegetables and increasing of public demand each day, to increase the maximum production using the fertilizer is one of the solutions, either organic fertilizers or inorganic fertilizers. The objective of this study is to determine the effect of seaweed Eucheuma cottonii waste application on growth and yield of mustard. This study was conducted on January and February Each treatment was repeated four times so that there are 24 experimental units. The results showed that the treatment of waste RO seaweed significantly affect the growth and yield of mustard.

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