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Build Live Chat System with Ajax, PHP & MySQL

Chat programs are common on the web these days. Now developers have a wider range of options when building chat programs. Before defining the core functions in the application, have a look at the basic appearance of the chat application, depicted in the following screenshot:. The chat text can be given in the input box provided at the bottom of the chat window. It is an Ajax based function so that without refreshing the page, it can send the chat text to the server.

Chat Application in PHP

In this project, there are various type of modules available to manage Chat, User Profile, Smiley Chat. Here the Smiley Chat module manage all the operations of Smiley Chat, User Profile module can manage User Profile, Chat History module is normally developed for managing Chat History, Notification module manages Notification operations, Chat module has been implemented to manage Chat. This is also a Major Chat Application Project , which you can submit in final year. But if you need Mini Project on Chat Application then we can develop it also. In this project all the modules like Smiley Chat, Notification, User Profile are tightly coupled and we can track the informations easily.

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In this web application project, we will look at how to make a webchat system that will help the users to interact with others using the webcam. The webcam will be connected to both the ends and the users can communicate using this application. This application will use some features if PHP. With the help of a proper internet connection, we will be able to talk to our friends using this application. In the project, we will make an application which will require the users to register their id.

Today I will tell you about creating simple Chat application using our existing login system. This will be useful and most simple solution. We will able to chat with our logged members. We will use database to store messages.

Chat System or Chat application is mainly used to communicate with people like friends, customers, colleagues etc. It is an important part of any business as most of company have their chat system integrated into their websites to communicate with their clients to assist them regarding services and resolve issues.

It offers teams, friends and organizations a secure, all in one chat app that is protected from pesky ads and data mining methods. All communications are done through the open global Matrix network, secured with end-to-end encryption. Element gives you all the services you need from a chat app: group chat , video calls, file sharing and more-- all done securely and in total Tox is a peer to peer serverless instant messenger that focuses on security and privacy. In today's world where digital surveillance is rampant, Tox offers users a communication software alternative that's free from prying eyes and ears, and is, quite literally free and without advertising.

There are two tables in this design, users , and chat. This schema design does not implement a real authentication system. It just simulates a situation where both the users are logged in by passing the user id through the browser address bar i.

In this tutorial we are going to build a little chat program that is really easy to get up and running on any server running PHP. If any of a new connection request is found, then it will accept and perform the handshake with the new socket resource. Then, it sends an acknowledgment to the client about the connectivity by sealing the encoded acknowledgment message.

How to Easily Make a PHP Chat Application

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