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Love and Compassion in the Visuddhimagga. It is with great pleasure that I make the following acknowledgements.

Publications by Bhikkhu Anālayo

Bapat, Poona. Though the dry climate of Berlin helped his asthma he was not entirely free of Dr. Bapat's Vimuttimagga and Visuddhimagga — a Comparative Study. This book is the result of the work of Mr John Bullitt of Access to Insight who initiated this digital edition, the several volunteers who helped him to convert the previous edition of this book to digital text, the other volunteers who helped the BPS with proofreading, Bhikkhu Nyanatusita, the BPS editor, who helped with and coordinated the proofreading, formatting, and typesetting, corrected the Pali, etc. If I had to choose one book to take with me on a desert island, the Visuddhimagga would be my choice. It is considered the most important Theravada text outside of the Tipitaka canon of scriptures. The Visuddhimagga is a systematic examination and condensation of Buddhist doctrine and meditation technique.

It is a manual condensing and systematizing the 5th century understanding and interpretation of the Buddhist path as maintained by the elders of the Mahavihara Monastery in Anuradhapura , Sri Lanka. It is considered the most important Theravada text outside of the Tipitaka canon of scriptures, [1] [2] and is described as "the hub of a complete and coherent method of exegesis of the Tipitaka," [3] but it has also been criticised for its non-canonical departures, and its interpretation of dhyana as concentration-meditation. The structure of the Visuddhimagga is based on the Ratha-vinita Sutta "Relay Chariots Discourse," MN 24 , [4] which describes the progression from the purity of discipline to the final destination of nibbana in seven steps. The Visuddhimagga' s doctrine reflects Theravada Abhidhamma scholasticism, which includes several innovations and interpretations not found in the earliest discourses suttas of the Buddha. The Visuddhimagga is centered around kasina -meditation, a form of concentration-meditation in which the mind is focused on a mental object. Kalupahana notes that the Visuddhimagga contains "some metaphysical speculations, such as those of the Sarvastivadins, the Sautrantikas, and even the Yogacarins".

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Bapat, P. V. (Purushottam Vishvanath)

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Bapat, P. Purushottam Vishvanath Overview. Publication Timeline. Most widely held works by P. V Bapat. V Bapat Book 54 editions published between and in English and Sinhalese and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide "The book gives a short account of Buddhism in the last years.

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Publications by Bhikkhu Anālayo

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The Treaties on the Path to Liberation (解脫道論) and the Visuddhimagga

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