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“The Emergence of Developmental Psychopathology” (1984), by Dante Cicchetti

Skip navigation. According to Cicchetti, developmental psychopathology describes an interdisciplinary field that studies abnormalities in psychological function that can arise during human development. Such studies include research about the effects that traumatic experiences may have on the development of psychological disorders and about what behaviors are considered normal or abnormal at different ages. In the article, Cicchetti reports about the origins of developmental psychopathology, why it emerged as its own discipline, and why researchers should study it. In addition to recognizing the field of developmental psychopathology, the article informed later research about preventing and treating the harmful psychological effects of early traumatic events. Before that, Cicchetti had researched child development and the development of mental disorders. According to Cicchetti, special issues in Child Development were special because they consolidated existing scientific fields and they introduced the emergence of new ones.

Table of Contents Part I. Toward the Development of the Science of Developmental Psychopathology. Nature-Nurture Integration. Developmental, Quantitative, and Multicultural Assessment of Psychopathology. Developmental Epidemiology. Resilience and Positive Psychology. Part II.

“The Emergence of Developmental Psychopathology” (1984), by Dante Cicchetti

Emotional learning begins at a very young age, as children discover a wide range of emotions, and evolves as they grow. This topic aims to provide a better understanding of the key stages of emotional development, its impacts, interrelated skills, and the factors that influence emotional competence. From the cradle to the grave, emotions are central to human functioning, saturating our thoughts behaviour and experience in a manner so pervasive that we often forget their important role. They motivate our most important decisions, lie at the heart of social relatedness and are central to socialization and cultural processes. Core aspects of emotions appear pre-wired 1 and universal, 2,3 with aspects of expressive signalling, experience and recognition appearing on a consistent developmental schedule. The focus of this chapter is on the role of emotion in psychopathology from birth to five years, a period in which behavioural, cognitive and emotion regulatory skills interactively develop to influence child functioning.

Recent years have evidenced a tremendous increase in research using a developmental psychopathology framework to examine clinical diagnoses among youth. Despite this increase, a relative dearth of literature systematically examines the development of co-occurring conditions among youth. In this introduction to the Special Issue on comorbidity among youth, we suggest that a developmental psychopathology perspective can provide an important foundation for the diagnosis of mental health problems among youth. As a potential framework for future investigations, we consider several developmental psychopathology principles that can inform assessment and diagnosis among youth psychological disorders. We use these principles as a foundation for considering co-occurring psychological disorders and provide potential explanations for comorbidity that can be addressed in future research that uses a developmental psychopathology perspective.

NCBI Bookshelf. Childhood mental and developmental disorders encompass neurodevelopmental, emotional, and behavioral disorders that have broad and serious adverse impacts on psychological and social well-being. Children with these disorders require significant additional support from families and educational systems; the disorders frequently persist into adulthood Nevo and Manassis ; Polanczyk and Rohde ; Shaw and others These children are more likely to experience a compromised developmental trajectory, with increased need for medical and disability services, as well as increased risk of contact with law enforcement agencies Fergusson, Horwood, and Lynskey This chapter limits the discussion to the following five conditions: childhood anxiety disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD , conduct disorder, autism, and intellectual disability intellectual developmental disorder. This chapter reviews interventions to reduce the prevalence of childhood mental and developmental disorders through the prevention, reduction, or remission of symptoms. The effectiveness of selected interventions is evidence based; these interventions have the potential to be delivered in low- and middle-income countries LMICs.

PDF | Psychopathology can be defined and understood from several different perspectives. the presence of a childhood depressive disorder has differ-.

“The Emergence of Developmental Psychopathology” (1984), by Dante Cicchetti

Developmental psychopathology DP , broadly defined as the scientific discipline that has as its primary goal the integration of developmental science and psychopathology into a coherent approach to explanatory models for psychopathological development, has become the dominant approach in the past decade for understanding the origins of mental disorders among children and adolescents. Hence, it is incumbent upon those working in the field of clinical pediatrics to have at least a basic understanding of its core principles of DP. This article provided such an understanding i. Core tip: Developmental psychopathology is an expansive approach to understanding the processes and pathways to normal and abnormal development.

Impact of childhood stress on psychopathology. Corresponding author.

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