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All graduate courses offered by the Department of Political Science are listed below.

Historically speaking, the study of international relations has largely concerned the study of states and the effects of anarchy on their foreign policies, the patterns of their interactions, and the organization of world politics. It then explores the shifts in the what, who, how, and why of the study of international relations.

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The department seeks to instill in its students a variety of skills and levels of knowledge that will serve them regardless of the profession they ultimately choose. Students seeking the B. The department also provides majors with opportunities for internships, for credit, in the legal profession, political campaigns, legislative offices, and in public administration. Faculty in the political science department cover a broad range of specialties including American politics, public policy, public law, political theory, comparative politics, and international politics. The College of Liberal Arts offers students a well-rounded education in the humanities and social sciences, and provides students with a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and discovery. Skip to main content.

Topics covered include Constitution, federalism, civil liberties, political attitudes, interest groups, political parties, nominations, elections, and campaigns, voting behavior, Congress, Presidency, bureaucracy, and judiciary. Meets state law requirement. Credit Hour s : 3. Contemporary international affairs including family of nations, control of national foreign policies, competition and cooperation in legal, political, economic, social fields. This course is oriented toward the development of concepts and theory in the study of black politics. The readings in the course are divided into political science categories such as ideology, electoral participation, movement politics and public policy.

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This article presents three core theoretical assumptions underlying liberal theories, elaborates the three variants of liberal theory, and draws some broader implications. Perhaps the most important advantage of liberal theory lies in its capacity to serve as the theoretical foundation for a shared multicausal model of instrumental state behaviour — thereby moving the discipline beyond paradigmatic warfare among unicausal claims. Keywords: liberal theory , liberalism , international relations , state preferences , social pressures , state behaviour , globalization. The universal condition of world politics is globalization. States are, and always have been, embedded in a domestic and transnational society that creates incentives for its members to engage in economic, social, and cultural interactions that transcend borders.

In international relations , constructivism is the claim that significant aspects of international relations are historically and socially constructed, rather than inevitable consequences of human nature or other essential characteristics of world politics. Nicholas Onuf is usually credited with coining the term constructivism to describe theories that stress the socially constructed character of international relations. Alker, Jr. Nevertheless, Alexander Wendt is the best-known advocate of social constructivism in the field of international relations. By attempting to show that even such a core realist concept as " power politics " is socially constructed—that is, not given by nature and hence, capable of being transformed by human practice—Wendt opened the way for a generation of international relations scholars to pursue work in a wide range of issues from a constructivist perspective. Wendt further developed these ideas in his central work, Social Theory of International Politics

From International Relations to Global Society

In early until February , the Commission of Corruption Eradication arrested ten Regional Heads who redhandedly fired for political dowry and corruption. This research was sociological-juridical method with the aims of research to find the relation between political worry and corruption by regional heads. This research was also descriptive-analytic research with the subjections is descriptions on the constitutional and criminal law perspective. Cases handled by the Commission of Corruption Eradication are committing a crime, abusing the authority, making pledges to another party, accepting gifts and bribes from regional heads. Not only will the regional heads participate in the elections, but it also includes the family member of those regional heads.

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