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Having completed the computer literacy module 1 on computer basics the test below is designed to jog your memory. Try it!

Basic Computer Questions & Answers PDF

Home Curation Policy Privacy Policy. Computer literacy means you know how to use a computer to perform basic tasks such as operating the basic software systems, platforms and other computer programs commonly used in the workplace. On this page you can read or download computer literacy questions and answers in PDF format. Computer literacy test question paper available. What ribbon do you use to change margins?

computer literacy questions

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Computer Literacy 101 Practice Quiz!

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Where Basic Computer Knowledge is Used?

Basic Computer Knowledge is used to improve individual's awareness about the use of computers at workplace. IndianStudyHub is providing all Basic Computer Knowledge questions and answers along with detailed explanation in an easy and understandable way. They are explained in elaborated manner to get clear subject knowledge. You will be able to answer all kind of questions based on Basic Computer Knowledge by practicing exercises given in this Computer Knowledge section. These tests will assess the individual's computational capabilities which are useful in the day to day work in Banks, Insurance Companies, and other government offices. IndianStudyHub is providing all Basic computer knowledge - Computer Basic Skils Test for questions and answers along with detailed explanation and solutions in an easy and understandable way. The solutions are explained in elaborated manner to get clear subject knowledge.

It measures a person's proficiency with using Internet browsers and common desktop applications such as email and word processing programs. It is a minute test consisting of two 3-minute task-oriented simulations, followed by ten multiple choice questions. Since it is designed as a test of the kind of basic computer literacy that is required in many work environments, it can be used for any position which requires basic computer skills, such as receptionists, customer service representatives, medical billers, data entry clerks, administrative assistants, and more. Each individual is given a raw score and a proficiency score. The raw score indicates how many questions out of 20 the individual answered correctly; there is no deduction for incorrect answers.

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Free Online COMPUTER LITERACY Practice & Preparation Tests

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Basic computer knowledge Questions And Answers

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