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Chapter 15 Probability Distributions. If you are going through this syllabus, I suppose you are interested in taking this course or you are presently joined with this course. Gain fluency and confidence in math! IXL helps students master essential skills at their own pace through fun and interactive questions, built in support and motivating awards.

Cambridge IB Maths SL 5:Transforming Graphs-Assess

The following table shows the number of days families spend in a particular seaside hotel in August last year. Find the coordinates of B. The Big Wheel at Fantasy Fun Fayre rotates clockwise at a constant speed completing 15 rotations every hour. The wheel has a diameter of 90 metres and the bottom of the wheel is 6 metres above the ground. Give your answer to two decimal places. Jane and David play two games of golf. George and Hugo like to fly model airplanes. On one day George's plane takes off from level ground and shortly after that Hugo's plane takes off.

Find the volume of the solid formed. Very accurate equipment was used to measure the movement of a particle which moved in a straight line for 3 seconds. Mr Willis goes to school he's a Maths teacher five times each week during term time.

An isosceles triangle shaped frame is made from four pieces of metal. The frame has a height of 8 metres and a base of length 12 metres. The weight of the metal is 2. Calculate the total weight of the metal in the frame. Two rectangles, not drawn to scale, are shown below. All measurements are in centimetres. Both rectangles have the same areas.

Work out the perimeter of the rectangle on the left. The area of the rectangle is six times larger than the area of the triangle. Each car requires 14m 2 of space and each van requires 35m 2 of space.

Find the number of cars and the number of vans which give the owners of the car park the greatest possible income and calculate this income. The following table shows the average number of hours per night sleeping by seven men and their youngest child.

Use your regression line to predict the average number of hours his father sleeps. Give your answer in hours and minutes correct to the nearest minute. The scatter graph shows the maximum temperature o C and the number of bowls of soup sold at a sandwich shop on twelve randomly selected days last year. Estimate the number of bowls of soup sold on that day. Does the scatter graph support this statement?

Give a reason for your answer. The loaves are displayed in baskets of twelve. Any loaves with a length less than 31cm are classified as short. One of the Costlow supermarkets is selected at random. Find the expected number of baskets in this supermarket that contain at most one loaf that is too short.

A particle P moves along a straight line. A Big Wheel at an amusement park has a diameter of length 70 metres which rotates at a constant speed. The bottom of the wheel is h metres above the ground. A seat starts at the bottom of the wheel. The wheel completes one revolution in 4 minutes. Find the value of k. Give a full geometric description of this transformation.

The following table shows the mean weight in kilograms of members of a group of young children of various ages. A small digital storage manufacturer makes novelty USB drives which are given away at conferences. The probability that a drive is defective is 0.

The factory tests a random sample of drives. A game at a fayre consists of a players throwing one dart at the board pictured below. The probability of hitting each region and the points scored for hitting that region is given in this table.

The player scores points as shown in the table above but they lose 20 points if they miss the board completely. The sum of the items is , the mean is 13 and the standard deviation is 5. The solutions to this practice paper and other Transum puzzles, exercises and activities are available here when you are signed in to your Transum subscription account. If you do not yet have an account and you are a teacher, tutor or parent you can apply for one here.

A Transum subscription also gives you access to the 'Class Admin' student management system, downloadable worksheets many more teaching resources and opens up ad-free access to the Transum website for you and your pupils. A minimal version of this paper, one question per printed page, good for producing a pdf for import into BitPaper available here. More exam-style questions and practice papers. For the Goalie game, the probability of winning is 0. If someone plays this game nine times: a Find the probability that they win exactly three times.

If someone plays it nine times. An arithmetic sequence is given by 6, 13, 20, … a Write down the value of the common difference, d.

The diagram shows a circle of radius 8. A cabin starts at the bottom of the wheel with the top of the cabin 6m above the ground. In an arithmetic sequence, the fifth term is 44 and the ninth term is The following table shows the average weights for given heights in a population of men.

Heights x cm Weights y kg The graph passes through the point 4,0. The area of the triangle is 20cm 2. In one week, find the probability that he goes to work on an orange bus b on exactly three days; c on at least two days.

Show that these two lines are parallel. The area of rectangle PQRS not to scale is 80cm 2. The diagrams show a triangle and a rectangle not drawn to scale. Write down two more inequalities to show this information. Hours sleep per night of father x 6. Without using a calculator: a Express 68 as the product of its prime factors. What temperature does this outlier represent. Find the value of b. Find h. Find c. The diagram, not drawn to scale, shows a quadrilateral ABCD. Age x years 1. If each value in the set is multiplied by 7: b Write down the value of the new mean; c Find the value of the new variance.

Ib Math Sl Binomial Distribution Questions

Firefly needs a modern browser, so you may notice things look broken right now. To get a better experience, try one of the supported browsers listed here. Each page starts with some instructional videos followed by a downloadable pdf file which is a worksheet with answers for you to try. Please ask your current teacher for a free copy available for both PC and Mac. The video below shows how to make graph paper using Autograph, which will we used later in the course. Ask your administrator if you need one created. Quadratics and binomial theorem

Click - endthebleed.org link to view the file. ← Chapter IB Math Mouse - Transformations of Functions → Composite Functions Practice with Solutions.

integral maths functions topic assessment answers

Every year we are generously supported by friends who contribute to Ritangle's maths hamper prize. It includes a free year-long subscription to Integral, and a trophy for the school or college of the winning team! The prize for the winning team is usually a maths hamper, containing a mix of prizes for individual team members and their school.

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Chapter 2.4 - Transformations

Write an expression for the function g and sketch its graph, clearly indicating any asymptotes or any x- or y-intercepts. Write an expression for the function h and sketch its graph, clearly indicating any asymptotes or any x- or y-intercepts. Clearly indicate any asymptotes on the graph along with writing the equation of the asymptote. The order in which the transformations of a reflection about the x-axis and a vertical translation are applied to a function does make a difference. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings.

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IB Maths HL & SL

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