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There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. Describe why postal addresses and telephone numbers are routable.

Ans: Router id is 32 bit number similar to IP address. It can also be set manually but it will take effect when OSPF process is reset completely or device is reloaded. There should be only one router-id per device running ospf to avoid database issues.

Top 90+ CCIE OSPF Interview Questions [UPDATED 2020]

In this article i have covered all the aspect of OSPF interview questions. I hope these OSPF interview questions will help you alot in your networking career. It is very important that you must know when and why we use OSPF in your network.

And it is the one of the famous open standard routing protocol. OSPF is considered as one of the most efficient routing protocol for larger networks. OSPF is the link state routing protocol. There are main classification of routing protocol in networking work. The link state routing protocol find the best path more efficiently as compare to distance vector routing protocol.

OSPF default metric is the link bandwidth. Every OSPF enabled router send hello packets to connected neighbors and receives their hello back from router. And then router propagate that link state updates to other neighbor routers.

DR router is selected which is responsible for generating LSAs for the entire multi-access network. Router conf t Router config router ospf 2 Router config-router network OSPF metric is known as cost. OSPF neighbor relationship starts with the hello packets exchange. When the OSPF enable on any router it starts sending the hello packets to every connected router.

A hello packets are sent every 10 seconds by default. A hello packet contains the following information:. Virtual links are use to connect OSPF area to backbone area, which is not directly connected to area 0.

Virtual link comes let say when area-2 is not directly connected to area 0. There is area1 in between area-2 and area If a area is not direclty connected to area 0 then communication is not possible between area-0 and area To make communication between these areas you need to create virtual-links.

All the other OSPF areas are connected to area 0 or backbone area. All routing information are distributed through the area 0. But in case of the multiple areas you must need to configure the area 0 for the operation of SPF algorithm. You can also configure OSPF with multi area for this you can visit here. In OSPF stub area you have external routes but you can use default routes to forwarding these packets. Some of area type type which are support by the OSPF as following.

For example, a router at the edge of an not so stubby area could have an external-route that it pushes back as a LSA type Remaining OSPF routers in same area will see this external route flooded. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What is OSPF? How OSPF finds the best routing path? What is the default administrative distance for OSPF? OSPF has a default administrative distance of How OSPF neighbor relationship are build?

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OSPF has no hop-count limit. Ans- Neighbor adjacencies will progress through several states, including:. Ans- The OSPF process builds and maintains three separate tables: 1 A neighbor table — contains a list of all neighboring routers. Ques 7 Name few types of LSA? In access list. How to configure router to black certain service for the other side of the router 2. In ospf and eigrp which protocols is used and how to used it with examples.

These interview questions will help them to get OSPF jobs efficiently. It is an open average link-state routing protocol which works by utilizing Dijkstra's SPF algorithm to find the straight paths. For communication with other protocols or external routes, type 4 and 5 will be utilized. No, it does not work if you have one side numbered and the other hand unnumbered. This makes an inconsistency in the OSPF database that prevents routes from being installed in the steering table.

On R1, we have process id of On R2: we have process id of In case of area type, NSSA, default route is already present or it has to be configured manually? In OSPF states, 2-way state is normal or, a problem? If yes, what needs to be done, to communicate with each other? Redistribution is done in case of different protocols only or it can be done in case of same protocol also? How to check if Hello packets are transferring or not, between OSPF neighbors without using debug command?

Open Shortest Path First is abbreviated as OSPF,which is a router protocol. OPSF is used for major autonomous system networks which are in.

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What is OSPF and what is its full form? Using this protocol, a router can detect a change in the routing table or the network and it can multicast to the other OSPF hosts. Routers send routing information and associated changes in the table using the OSPF protocol. Instead of sending the entire table, OSPF only sends the part of the table that has been altered. This configuration information is stored in a Link State Database.

In this article i have covered all the aspect of OSPF interview questions. I hope these OSPF interview questions will help you alot in your networking career. It is very important that you must know when and why we use OSPF in your network. And it is the one of the famous open standard routing protocol.

Question 2: What Is Backbone Area? How is it identified in routing table? Does it support redistribution? When do we use LSA type 6? What algorithm does it use?

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