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The company was one of the world's first type foundries to have no history in the production of metal type. It is now a wholly owned brand or subsidiary of Monotype Imaging. The company was founded to design, license and market typefaces for filmsetting and computer set types internationally. The company issued both new designs and revivals of older or classic faces, invariably re-cut to be suitable for digital typesetting use and produced in families of different weights. Although it is claimed that the designers took care to preserve the style and character of the original typefaces , several ITC revivals, such as ITC Bookman and ITC Garamond in particular, have received criticism that the end result was related in name only to the original faces.

TypeTalk: U&lc Magazine Retrospective part 3, Initial Letters and Words

Words by Steven Brower. As a design student, there were two publications I subscribed to. The second was better yet—it was free, including shipping. Then, very discreetly somewhere on the page, the typeface used for that particular article would be listed. Elsewhere more traditional type specimen pages appeared. The magazine ceased publication in , sadly with a reduced 8.

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Joseph Alessio is a lettering artist and designer from the Detroit area. We have seen a number of designers and artists make their careers out of designing type or custom lettering, and it has become common to list typography among our skills and disciplines. Unfortunately, as with any popularity surge, there have come with it a lot of misunderstandings of some of the terms and concepts that we use. Before you throw your pens and brushes at me in protest, please let me explain! Even though lettering and typography share many of the same concepts, and a good eye and understanding of one will enable you in the other as well, they are completely different disciplines.

TypeTalk – U&lc Magazine Retrospective: Reinventing Tables of Contents

The publication featured often experimental typographic compositions juxtaposed with illustrations, cartoons, and imagery. Over issues were published between and You can post now and register later.

These were ground-breaking and transitional times in the history of typography and design due to changes in technology that allowed for total control and increased speed over the setting of type, which in turn heralded in a new era of expressive typography. This award-winning publication was created to showcase the ITC typeface library, in addition to serving as a palette for virtuoso typography and exceptional typographic design. The rotating circle of designers had complete freedom to explore typographic solutions without restrictions. The graphic design community eagerly anticipated each quarterly issue, which was avidly read and circulated by type enthusiasts, and sought after by collectors the world over. It is often cleanly and simply designed, serving as more of a functional entryway into the rest of the content.

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Herbert F. He collaborated with Ralph Ginzburg on three of Ginzburg's magazines: Eros , Fact , and Avant Garde , and was responsible for the creative visual beauty of these publications. He designed a typeface, ITC Avant Garde , for the last of these; this font could be described as a reproduction of art-deco , and is seen in logos created in the s and s. Herb Lubalin entered Cooper Union at the age of seventeen, and quickly became entranced by the possibilities presented by typography as a communicative implement.

The typeface that you are now reading is called Triplex Bold and was designed by Zuzana Licko pronounce Litchko. Triplex was intended as a friendly substitute for Helvetica. The name Triplex refers to the three versions that make up the entire family; Triplex, Triplex Serif and Triplex Italic. Each version of the typeface comes in light, bold and extra bold. The italic was designed and drawn by type designer and sign painter John Downer, and was designed to work with both the serif and sans serif versions. The following interview with Zuzana Licko was conducted at the Emigre office in California on February 12, Emigre: Unlike most commonly produced typefaces, your type library seems very specific to the technology you have at hand.

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    U&lc (Upper and Lower Case), was a typographic magazine from the PDF versions in different resolutions can be downloaded from the fon​endthebleed.org blog.

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    The use of initial caps—as well as lowercase letters and even complete words—has historically been a technique employed to create visual interest as well as assist with typographic hierarchy.

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